Puni Loli House 2nd

Puni Loli House 2nd








overview An ADV game where you get close to loli girls in the swimming club, presented with the extremely huge volume, 1025 movies! * Prologue The public bath is renewed in this winter. The protagonist spent all of his money in this suspicious public bath. While reflecting on his thoughtlessness, he is handed a piece of paper by a girl. "Our school recruits a swimming instructor. Give it a try." Only bad feelings come into his mind, but he goes to the school... * Characters Natsuki Takamiya (CV: SatouShio) A girl always carrying books. With a quiet personality. But sometimes she traits you just like her friends. Vaginal depth: 8cm Hinako Karasuma (CV: Aino Mimori) A girl as timid as hesitating to step over a puddle. Tends to suck things when something approaches to her mouth while sleeping. Vaginal depth: 4cm Momiji Akino (CV: Nachu Aizawa) Elder sister of Kaede. Somehow dislikes adults. From her self-assured personality, often comes close to you regardless of risque wearing. Vaginal depth: 6 cm Kaede Akino (CV: Nachu Aizawa) Little sister of Momiji. Having nubile body unlike Kaede. Easygoing personality. Defenselessly bounces her I cup boobs. Vaginal depth: 8 cm / Boobs weight: 4,400 grams

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