Auto Translate Games

99% of Japanese games don’t have translation, but there is a solution for that.

Visual Novel Reader is a program where users can submit a translation for any text on the novel or if the game has no user translation, the game can be translated with an online translator.


Installation is very simple, just download and execute the program.

Here is a link

it’s not necessary create account


First of all it is necessary have the applocale or Windows locale set as japanese, if you yet don’t do that go to

1° Click in Visual Novel Reader

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It may happen that the program does not open

2° If software don’t open click here

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Now just open the game and automatically the game will be recognized if not recognized, drag and drop the game to VNR

Here are some tutorial videos made by @Sakimichi sama ( that might be helpful:

Some games may not work with VNR