If you are new in Japanese games you may find some issues this happen because your computer is not configured with japanese localization.

This is the most common error:

fix japanese games

Fix with Locale Emulator:


  1. >> Download the executable from Github or from MEGA<<
  2. Extract all files into a SAFE place in your disk, because you will NOT be able to move these files after installation.
  3. Run LEInstaller.exe and choose one of:
    1. Install as current user: effect for current user only, does not require administrator privileges;
    2. Install for all users: the most reliable choice, require administrator privileges;
    3. Portable: necessary files have been extracted as LEInstaller.exe starts. Simply close the window.
  4. Now you will see “Locale Emulator” menu in the context menu when right-clicking on file


Now right click on the game choose locale emulator and run in japanese

Troubleshoot 1

Fix without program:

  1. Go to the Control Panel;
  2. Click on Clock, Language and Region;
  3. Click Change Location, then the Administrative tab, go to Change System Location and choose Japanese (Japan);
  4. Click on OK
  5. Restart the system.
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